A Look Into Tdcs Therapy And Its Benefits

You may have heard about this form of therapy that is taking place in modern therapy world but not quite understood what it all entails. Well, tdcs or transcranial direct current stimulation is a form of therapy that is quite unique as it uses electric current to stimulate the performance of brain neurons. This in turn affects the performance of certain activities such as problem solving and memory state. The process uses electrodes which allow the flow of current from either the positive side or negative side, through the brain and the opposite side of the area being stimulated. This can be the neck, shoulder or head.

The therapy is nowadays used in helping with various issues such as helping a patient with memory loss. It can also be used to help an individual increase their problem solving techniques. Additionally, it has been known to help increase a person attention span, help improve their mathematical solving techniques as well as improve their language ability. These different effects are achieved by placing the electrodes at different points of the head to affect different neurons in the brain.

The therapy simply works by allowing the current to pass through a positively charged electrode, to the brain neurons and to a negatively charged electrode on the other side of the first electrode. These electrodes should be carefully placed on the scalp at the designated points which require stimulation. Wrong placing will lead to an unsuccessful achievement of required results.

The current is used to excite or reduce the excitement of neurons at the specific targeted areas in the brain. If the current flows from the anode electrode, that is the positively charged electrode, there will be an increase in the excitement of neurons. If the current flows from the cathode electrode which is negatively charged, the excitement of neurons will be reduced. This leads to the attainment of different behaviors as required by the therapist.

The process is easy to set up for provided the therapist has the required tools and device in place. You need to have a powered device that can be able to deliver you constant direct current during the whole process. You also need to have two or more electrodes which will be positive and negative simultaneously. Current is designed to either flow from a positive charge electrode to a negative one or the other way round.

The skin where the pads will be placed should be cleaned and prepared well. This enables the pads to create a good connection to the skin. The pads should be small in size to ensure that they are more focused to the point of stimulation.

The process starts when the power device is turned on. The current is allowed to flow gradually from whichever electrode that the therapist desires. It can be increased or reduced gradually depending with the level of an effect desired.

The use of several electrodes also helps to increase the effectiveness of the results achieved. This is because there is more focus to the points desired. Results attained last more.

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