Day: June 28, 2015

A Look Into Tdcs Therapy And Its Benefits

You may have heard about this form of therapy that is taking place in modern therapy world but not quite understood what it all entails. Well, tdcs or transcranial direct current stimulation is a form of therapy that is quite unique as it uses electric current to stimulate the performance of brain neurons. This in turn affects the performance of certain activities such as problem solving and memory state. The process uses electrodes which allow the flow of current from either the positive side or negative side, through the brain and the opposite side of the area being stimulated. This can be the neck, shoulder or head.

Things To Know About Online Massage Therapy Training

Massage therapists are important professionals who can help everyone to ease tensions and reduce stress levels. They help to keep you relax by manipulating your soft tissues and other external muscles to release stress and tensions in the body. Nowadays, there are many types of massage therapy courses available online for students who have no time to attend classroom instructions.